Most parents would never talk about an incident like this…but lets be real!  S#%T happens!!

Smelly Secret

Smelly Secret

Being a parent brings so many different emotions at different times.  We feel happiness for our kids, disappointment, fear, pride, embarrassment and empathy.  Today when I went to pick up my 3 year old from school, one of her teachers pulled me aside to say she had an accident at during the day.  A BIG accident.  Number 2 in her pants!!  Something she had NEVER done before.  She was toilet trained right after her 2nd birthday and had never had an accident involving poop!  I couldn’t believe it!  The teacher told me not to get upset with her because she had been extremely upset and embarrassed at school.  My heart literally BROKE on the spot.  The thought of my daughter feeling like she had done something wrong in front of all her friends just tore me to pieces!

This evening she was quite emotional and I could tell it was on her mind.  I found myself fighting back tears over and over.  As a parent- how do you treat an “accident” like this?  The thought of the hurt, embarrassment and emotions going on in her little 3 year old brain.

Have you ever felt such empathy for your child that you cried as much as them?