Today as I enter the 3rd Trimester of pregnancy to my 3rd child, I can’t help but think of how quickly

My Baby Bump 27 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3.  May 2015.

My Baby Bump 27 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3. May 2015.

pregnancy goes!  We are so used to complaining about the aches and pains of carrying a child but do we ever really take a moment to feel the true blessing?  There is a child growing inside of our incredible female bodies!  WOW!

Pregnancy doesn’t last forever and instead of taking it for granted have you ever REALLY enjoyed it!?  Whether or not this is my last pregnancy I have decided that during this last trimester I want to create my very own “Pregnancy Bucket List“.  A fantastic list of things and feelings to enjoy during the last weeks of this pregnancy.  A list that includes baby announcement, the kicking inside my belly, showing off my baby bump, taking great pictures, feeling contractions and much more!  Maybe even making a belly cast?  lol

Did you have a “Pregnancy Bucket List”?  Are there things you WISH you had done while you were pregnant or plan to do if you get pregnant again?  Comment, Facebook, Tweet or email me!   I’m going to take all your suggestions!