Author: Nadia Lawand

Hasbro “Must-Haves” for the 2017 Holiday Season!

This holiday season, there are a number of popular Hasbro “must-have” items – including tech toys, games, dolls, interactive friends and more! These are sure to be at the top of holiday wish lists. 1. FurReal: Tyler, My Roarin’ Tiger Pet (Age 4+) • Product makes realistic animal sounds and lifelike movements that children will be amazed by! • Tiger pet responds to sounds around him, to touch and to his squeaky chicken toy. • Over 100 sound & motion combinations 2. Baby Alive: Sweet Tears Baby Doll (Age 3+) • She cries tears, shows emotion and interacts with check-up accessories • Nose lights up red and drinks from her “juice” box • She says 35 plus phrases and sounds in English, French or Spanish (different dolls for each language) • Kids can choose between “Mommy” or “Daddy” play mode (through separate switches) 3. Star Wars Force Link Starter Set including Force Link (Age 4+) • With Force Link wearable technology, kids can now feel the power of the force in their own hands and use it to bring their action figures to life. • Technology works with every compatible Force Link figures • Technology activates lights and sounds when holding the • Force Link Starter Set includes Force Link wearable technology, compatible with all Force Link products and included 3.75-inch scale Kylo Ren Force Link-activated figure • Activates effects in...

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MiFold- The Only Booster You Need- Full Review

If you’re anything like me, you’re completely inundated with baby/kids stuff!  With 3 kids and one more on the way I have everything you can possibly imagine times 10!  My goal is to downsize, declutter and find the most portable solutions for everything!  That being said, my carseats are definitely high on my list of bulky things!  I don’t want to rush my kids lives away, but carrying big bulky carseats and boosters is a definite deterrent for travel.  My 5 year old daughter still needs to be in a car seat wherever we go.  Spontaneous trips with friends, grandparents,...

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